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Shamans Road
Journeys of Discovery and Transformation

Our vision for Shamans Road is to guide and support you on your journey of discovery and transformation.  Whether that be visiting sacred sites around the world from Machu Picchu in Peru, to Stonehenge in England, kayaking in the Greek Isles or travelling to the Peruvian Amazon for healing ceremonies with Shipibo Maestros (shamans). We specialise in guiding   adventures for smaller groups of 6 to 10 people.

Our adventure travel guides are Master Shaman  Matthew Morningstar, an experienced psychologist , healer. teacher and Wendy Madgwick a licensed physical therapist, kayak instructor and outdoor guide.  Individually they are uniquely gifted and qualified to guide and support you on your spiritual and healing adventures.  

Matthew also offers private and group sessions of healing and intuitive guidance.  Acknowledged as an International Maestro by Shipibo Maestros in Peru, he sings healing ceremonies with Icaros (healing songs) of the Amazon tradition. He is blessed with many other spiritual gifts and shows up and seeks to be helpful wherever he goes!

  1. Matthew Morningstar
    Matthew Morningstar
    Healer, Teacher, Psychologist, Intuitive Guide. Recognised International Master Shaman who sings Icaros (healing songs) of the Amazon Maestro and speaks the Language of the Heart.
  2. Maestro Armando
    Maestro Armando
    A gifted Shipibo Maestro (shaman) with over 30 years of experience healing in ceremony with "The Medicine" (Ayahuasca). A devoted family man respected in his community as a Doctor.
  3. Wendy Madgwick P.T.
    Wendy Madgwick P.T.
    An adventure travel guide and licensed physical therapist with many healing gifts often called a 'miracle worker' by her patients. Experienced sea kayak adventure guide in the Greek Islands & Turkey.
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