What We Do
  1. Healing Ceremonies
    Master Shaman Matthew is a gifted healer who sings healing ceremonies with Icaros (Healing Songs) of the Amazon tradition.
    In ceremony, healing power is transmitted through the Shaman's icaros which are powerful chanting songs whistled or sung to repair broken energetic patterns and restore wholeness. Matthew has been asked to sing the Icaros in other countries for the benefit of those who cannot travel to the Amazon. Matthew sings healing Icaros for individuals and groups. He has sung powerfully for gatherings of over 200 people. He travels and works internationally and sings healing ceremonies everywhere he goes. If you travel with him to the Amazon he will sing for you there also.
  2. Amazon Shaman Adventures
    Travel the Shamans Road to the Amazon with us. Meet our friend Maestro Armando, a Shipibo Shaman who has worked with the Medicine (Ayahuasca) for over 30 years. If you feel called to the Amazon the Maestro is waiting!
    Matthew, a skilled psychologist and healer has been called to the Amazon many times. He is recognized by shamans there as a Maestro and he is therefore uniquely gifted to guide you on your shamanic healing journey. His friend Maestro Armando is a gifted shaman with over 30 years of experience as a traditional doctor in his community. Maestro Armando his wife Maestra Neida and their family have welcomed Matthew into their home,their family and their hearts. The Maestros are waiting in the Amazon to welcome you as well.
  3. Intuition/Readings/Guidance
    Matthew provides intuitve/spiritual guidance to those who seek. He has been asked for help on many levels including energy healing, clearing emotional blocks, intuitive readings and (mediumship) communication with loved ones who have passed. He integrates the knowledge and learning from a professional psychology practice and the gifts of healing and seeing to provide a unique fusion of modern insight and ancient wisdom. Ultimately, Matthew shows up and seeks to be as helpful as is possible in this moment. Matthew sees you and offers insights intended to help you to move and flow more easily on your own spiritual path.
  4. Healing Fears,Trauma,Emotion
    Matthew employs his many skills, abilities and gifts to help you release emotional blocks. His gentle and supportive methods enable you to 'feel your way through the emotional doorways and find your way to freedom from suffering. Matthew has helped hundreds of people to free themselves from fear, stress, anxiety and depression by sharing with them self-healing skills that are easy to learn, quick and effective. He offers sessions in person and internationally by phone or internet.